Via Porta San Zeno 7
37017, Lazise
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The Agricultural Company Fratelli Zanoni takes care of more than 1.000 olive trees in Lazise.  The olive trees produce the precious fruits from which the "ExtraVirgin" olive oil is produced.

Area of Production: Lazise and Bardolino (Verona-Italy)
Altitude: 100 metres above sea level
Location: Le Coste, I Montioni, Mole e Fontanelle
Planting: 6 square metre plot per single tree
Picking: by hand
Harvest Period: November
Processing: solely by mechanical means at a controlled temperature
Conservation: stainless steel containers for 2 months, prior to bottling
Filtration: cotton filter
To be consumed: within 18 months of bottling

To mantain the extraordinary organoleptic prperties of this "Extra Virgin" olive oil, store in a cool, dark place. 
Colour: from green to yellow
Scent: fruity
Taste: lightly spiced with aftertaste of sweet almond
Acidity: less than 0,4 %
Enjoy with: salads, crudité and added raw to enhance and savoury dish
Via Porta San Zeno, 7 - 37017 Lazise Tel.: +39 045 7580599
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